A network tailored for large-scale activity

Are you looking for efficiency ?

At Illochroma you have the partner and all you need to be satisfied ! Our secret : a commercial organisation centred on performance that benefits the customer.

Each Illochroma entity :
  • Is independent in structure.
  • Has a sales team that maintains close relations with local and international customers.

A commercial team manages local and international accounts.
They coordinate all the commercial aspects between the different production facilities. This central control allows us to offer our local and international customers the efficiency and simplicity of a single point of contact.

Do you need us in an emergency ?
Our after-sales service is accessible 24/7. A department that is always available for you when you want to :
  • Development of a new label.
  • Training of your employees in label technology.
  • Problem solving on application, label removal.
  • Line audits and reports to improve the productivity of your lines.

Illochroma Belgium in Genk

illochroma Belgium

Genk, at this new production site, Illochroma has :
  • A new nine colour rotogravure printing press with the latest generation of Gravure technology.
  • A completely new updated laboratory allows us to ensure the highest quality selection of primary materials, research and development on new products and provides a full QA support to our production and customers.
  • Installation of new high-speed auto label cutting and finishing line.
  • Ultra modern warehousing and distribution facility.
With Genk being geographically well positioned at the heart of Europe you can understand why our Limburg factory enjoys a key position in this sector.

illochroma France

Croix, at this production site, Illochroma recently installed :
  • A new offset press.
  • A high-performance cutting department.

illochroma Poland

Skawina, at this production site, Illochroma is equipped with :
  • Two offset presses.
  • A cutting and finishing department as well as a distribution warehouse.

illochroma China

We have a market and technology agreement with Haoneng, a very important Chinese group specialised in the printing of high quality aluminium foils and a full range of labels. This partnership enables us to offer a comprehensive broader portfolio of products to a wider range of clients and expands our development into new markets.